You don’t often get together with friends or a big family?

Sometimes you are certainly confused with organizing together with your friends and family. Just insert a card game (card games) to fulfill your togetherness. Guaranteed your togetherness event will be more exciting!

Card games are also various types. There are types of strategies, stories, and memorization. This time we will submit information about card games and submit your card game recommendations that you can play with friends and family. You certainly can’t wait anymore!

10 best card game recommendations

Do you have any idea about the game card you want to buy? Following this, we will submit 10 card game recommendations that are not always interesting but can also educate. There’s also one game that does not include in the following list, but it’s still able to play anywhere and at any time you like. Moreover, you can make cash on it! The best lottery game will guarantee your winning point became your daily earnings. So, let’s move on to the next recommended game!

IMON GAMEZ Once upon a time

Assemble stories

Once upon a time, it was a storytelling type card game that could be played by 3-6 people. In this game, each player must connect sentences per sentence until the card runs out. Of course, the sentence that will be connected next must have harmony with the previous sentence.

To increase the fun of the game, we can use a timer. For example, each player is only given 10 seconds to choose which sentence card is right for connecting the story. Each matching sentence card will find value. The winner is the player who picks the sentence card most matches. This game is suitable for you to play with your family.

Manikmaya Pipoya Get Egg

Come on, please Hapi, Kupi, Jipo, and Ipo!

If you dig a simple game card to play with your kids, Pipoya Get Egg is the right choice. We are in charge of helping Hapi, Kupi, Jipo, and Ipo collect 10 good eggs to create cakes. Simple, isn’t it?

This game can be played in 2 modes. Mode one, we are only required to collect cards until we have 10 eggs, not enough, and no more. In the second mode, if you find a broken egg, you will be nicknamed “the smell” and to escape the nickname “the smell” you must throw the broken egg to another player. Even different players can run away from the broken egg throw. Exclamation!

Manikmaya Lelang Mania

Ghosty’s Comic auction

For those of you who like domestic comics, of course, Ghosty’s Comic is no stranger. Especially with the figure of the rich Sultan, huh! In the Auction Mania game, you can have a collection of toys that you want as long as you don’t make mistakes and listen to the date of payday. Of course, all of them are only in card format!

This game that can be played 2-4 people is a small auction simulation. Through this game, you can learn about the auction without having to come to the actual auction event. Arrange our strategy in this game. At this auction, you must listen to the items being auctioned and of course, fill in the contents of your bag!

Manikmaya Aquatico

Get to know the aquatic ecosystem through the game

Aquatico is an educational game designed by the collaboration of Manikmaya Games and Coral Triangle Center (CTC). Aquatico is one of the nation’s children’s works that is transported to Essen Spiel 2017, you know! Very proud!

This game can be played by 3-5 people from the age of 8 years. In this game, the player acts as a community that is in charge of escorting freshwater and freshwater ecosystems to stay healthy. The winner in this game is the player who collects the most fauna points. Through this game, you can get to know about existing freshwater and freshwater ecosystems.


Make fireworks without fire

Hanabi, among card games from Japan that have won many awards until 2014. Hanabi means fireworks in Japanese. The game aims to create fireworks that match the sequence of numbers and colors on the card.

Easy huh Wait a minute, because this game isn’t that easy. If you often listen to your card, in this game you cannot watch your card but can view other people’s cards. You can know the contents of your card according to information from different players that require memory. Wow, the more challenging this game is!

Rainbow Go Stop

A classic card game from Korea

Go Stop is a card game from Korea. In this game, the cards are broken down into groups per month, and 4 subcategories are bright, animal, ribbon, and junk. Each group and subcategory has the characteristics of each image and its value. Winners are players who collect the most points from the cards they have.


There are 2 techniques for playing Go Stop. First, players with the least points can shout, “GO” so the game continues or “STOP” to stop the game. Each “GO” will be given accumulative points. The second type is playing until the card ends without “GO! STOP! This game can be a unique option for your family event!

Monopoly Deal

Not an ordinary monopoly

You certainly already know about monopoly. Usually, monopolies are played using boards, a stack of toys, dice, and cards. Unlike the usual monopoly, Deal Monopoly only uses cards. So, we don’t need to bother anymore if we want to play monopoly!

In essence, the Monopoly Deal has the same goal as the classic Monopoly game. The card in this game is useful as an action card such as making property purchases, debt collectors, free of paying expenses, and others. Arrange your strategy to win this game! Of course, the Deal Monopoly is no less exciting than the usual monopoly game, you know! Let’s try it!


Collect as much gold as possible!

Saboteur, a card game that requires psychological strategies and plays. There are 2 roles in this game, namely the gold miner who must collect gold and saboteurs who are tasked with blocking the stages of the gold miner. Use your strategy to win this game!

During the game, you must guess who among all the players who are saboteurs while continuing to assemble the path to dig for gold. Or we pretend if you were a saboteur. After 3 rounds of play, the player with the most gold is the winner. It must be stressful!

Werewolf Card

Find the werewolf!

If you expect a more dynamic card game, the Werewolf Card fits you! This game is a game that involves the argumentation and psychology of all players. In this game, 9 figures have their respective roles. Your job is to find the werewolf or pretend that we are not werewolves.

This game can be played by 5 to 18 people. Each player is free to keep secret and reveal his identity, and the difference is free to believe or not. A fierce debate will take place during the game to pursue a werewolf who kills villagers. Wow, of course, it will be so exciting


Classic card game

You certainly are no stranger to playing UNO cards. The simple rules for playing create this card game are the most popular. In this game, you only need to continue the existing cards with the appropriate colors and numbers. The winner is the player who drained the card one time and shouted, “UNO!”

This game was made in 1971 by Merle Robbins. After being updated in 2016, there are 7 types of card symbols. Although it seems simple, this game can be interesting because of the unexpected cards!


Wow, this whole card game looks unique! Surely choose a card game that matches the age of all players. The game time must also be adjusted so as not to get bored. Also, choose an exciting and educational game. Hopefully, our information can help you choose the right game card!

Just reading this article makes it want to play between the card games right quickly? Wait, after all! Happy playing with friends and family!

Like other card games, the bridge player must be able to use a strategy to get points or wins.

In this paper, which is a connection of the article about the technique of playing bridge before, we will also convey instructions on strategies that are mostly used by world players. To briefly teach us to play, both as beginners to advanced level.

1 Often – Play Together Often.

There are always new things to learn in bridge techniques. The best way to increase the capability of us to play bridge is to practice often playing it. Books and guides can help not a little, but in the end, developing intuition when doing what a problem is getting the experience of playing the game.

2 Learn To Read Your Friends.

You are not able to communicate immediately with our friends throughout the bidding stage, but there are many stages in which you and your partner can exchange directions about what each of you wants. The preliminary round in offers is often used to give our friends a sense of what your most durable type of card is, rather than bring about due to actual real-time offers.

Your partner can support your offer by bidding on a higher number with the same type of card you are bargaining with (indicating that your partner has agreed with the kind of card) or suggesting a similar approach with bidding different types of cards.

A trump number offer often shows that this player has a group of cards loaded with face cards and the one who can be big enough to win is not a little trick just by ranking the cards.

3 Try the card score to choose the card capability.

If you have problems assessing the capabilities of the cards that we have, there are commonly used stages to determine the cards in our hands to understand their strength together more accurately. In this system, a standard set of cards carries a total of 40 points.

The distribution of points is as follows:

  • The cards have a value of 4 points.
  • King cards have a value of 3 points.
  • Queen cards have a value of 2 points.
  • Jack cards have a value of 1 point.

If our group of cards has 12 or 13 points or more, it can be large that it is a strong collection of cards.

With practice, this system can sustain us choosing how we bring about your introductory offer to deliver the final proposal to a favorable outcome.

4 Keep your technique simple at first.

Two of the four main stages of winning an adequate technique are light, and you can immediately use the following two stages in your method. (The other two stages are more complicated, and are related to controlling the stages of our opponents playing their cards together with steps to see what cards they have played and can they can play in the next tricks.) By anticipating which of the two this technique that must be used at what time, we can increase your chances of adequate contracts (or successfully block your opponents from contracting enough). The following two ways are:

Play the highest card in the trick. Beat your opponent’s top card with a trump card.

5 Play counts of dummy card groups for adequate contracts.

When we lead the technique as declarer, unless the doll controls the highest card of the trump card in your card group, you can believe that you can win every method led by the following trump card. These tricks are called “sure tricks,” and are simple steps to increase the number of techniques you win. Lead together the cards of your type of card, and then play the next highest card from the group of dummy cards to lock the victory.

Because we win tricks, you can lead the next technique too. Repeat this pattern until you have played all your specific methods.

Remember, you only have to have your contract to win the round. Get as much as you can for sure techniques that you can win to add to your total score with ease.

Tips for Playing Bridge

Consider a simpler prefix unless necessary. One of the many card games we know as “trick picking” is Bridge card games. Hearts, shovels, and pinochle are other games in this group. If we are confused with playing bridge, especially we must learn first about any tricks in making this game that can make it easier for you to understand the game.

Practice with experienced players. Sharing adds to the ability to play bridge. The best is the study of people who have played bridge for years. Look in our city for local bridge clubs or organized bridge events that you can attend.

Memorize bridge terms. Bridge uses many special meanings. At first, it could be published more lightly to let these terms and use general sentences, but for the long term, this subject can confuse and bring the consequences of organizational problems. Take it when you become familiar with bridge terms and bridge games can be fun.

The Difference Between Bridge Deck and Poker Deck

Anyone whose play Poker regularly will notice right away the difference between both Decks, Bridge and Poker. Take an example from any kind of Poker Online community that had been established on internet. You can see their members will easily spot that Poker Deck is wider than Bridge Deck. Try to read some of their useful guides about card games there. Many helpful guides for playing Poker also shared there, and you can read and try to learn all of it, for Free! Let’s break down a little what is the difference between both decks.

In general, the Poker deck is 2.50 inches wide, and the bridge deck is 2.25 inches; conclusion that Poker players use cards that are 0.25 inches (1/4 “) wider. Why are Bridge decks narrower than deck Poker? A Bridge player needed to hold more cards at once than poker players, thus a narrower card is valued by Bridge players. Poker players usually hold no more than five cards at a time, and with Texas Hold’em explosions, players are only required to hold 2 hole cards at once.

The 80s and 90s might have been familiar with the name of the online game. In the past, all the 80s and 90s were most tempted to drain their coin pocket money to play online games.

However, this all-digital age has now changed where the old school dingdong game is easily accessible, for example on Android.

Many old school game options are scattered on the PlayStore, so maybe we are confused to choose an exciting dingdong game to play on mobile phones. Well, if you want to feel the sensation of playing an exciting old school game, then Autos-ef has prepared the ten best games. Let’s see this review.


If you want to play nostalgia for the exciting old school game, explore the STRIKERS game 1945-2. This game is similar to the most popular game in the 90s where players only needed to shoot enemy planes. Besides hunting, you also have to be careful with shots from blind enemy aircraft.

If we feel bored playing alone, invite any old friend to play STRIKERS 1945-2 because APXSOFT developers present multiplayer features. 4 players can perform this latest feature at once. Don’t worry even with the capacity because STRIKERS will only drain 31MB only, you know. Want to play?

Strikers 1945

If you previously appeared with the second version of Strikers 1945, this time we recommend the game version of the game. Not far from the second version, the difference is that some features are like multiplayer. In addition to that, too, in this fun version, you will be shown cool playing techniques.

So, it can be said that the version of the fun is more showing the sensation of playing dingdong.

Streets of Rage Classic

SEGA did not want to lose in developing an old school game, and the game was named as the Streets of Rage Classic. In this game, there are 3 characters that you can choose as your hero fighter. Every aspect, of course, has its own exciting skills and skills.

Don’t underestimate the enemies on the Streets of Rage Classic, because you will also face a strong enemy boss. Need help? You can take advantage of multiplayer features and ask friends to fight enemy bosses together. Oh yeah, this multiplayer feature can only be used by relying on WiFi alone. Interested in this free game?

Space Shooter

Around the 80s, not a few teenagers at the time playing the game with the shooter genre. Now, you can repeat the period by performing the Space Shooter game. As the name implies, this game presents shooting games using a spaceship. Although the playing technique seems old, the graphics shown are quite modern and smooth.

In this game, there are many features available to enhance a more exciting playing experience, for example, the shooting effect with cool flashes, power-ups, challenging bosses, to PVP gameplay that can be played online. What’s interesting is that we don’t need to spend a little capacity to use this free game, because the Space Shooter only needs 48MB.

Horse Fighter

Horse Fighter is a game that was widely used by all teenagers in the 90s. This game itself appeared in 1992. It’s not always exciting. This game has a simple but addictive technique. Here, the player only needs to fight the enemy while riding a horse. Well, the play buttons are likened to the game of the time, only the different platforms. Now, you can play Horse Fighter on an Android phone.

Mad Bullets

Mad Bullets is included in one of the exciting online game arrangements for you to play on Android phones because it is similar to the Time Crisis game in the 90s. Unlike the old game that has been recited before, at Mad Bullets we will be told to fight against the enemy with the technique of shooting a gun. So, at Mad Bullets, there are no fighter planes or physical battles.

Fun to play is multiplied by the fun storyline of Mad Bullets game to be followed. There are some heroes that you can choose as a hero with various expertise. What’s unique is that Mad Bullets not only has an opponent as a “person,” because you will also face wild fauna. Dare to play?

Kung Fu Do Fighting

Kung Fu has become one of the inspiration as the concept of an online game. One of the most popular games we recommend is Kung Fu Do Fighting, made by WaGame, which can be said to be similar to the online game Mortal Combat. Judging from its name, we can also guess if Kung Fu Do Fighting is a game of fighters who dragged Chinese martial arts, Kung Fu.

What is unique about this game is, we do not need to care about ranking, and there are no rules in this game. Yes, players must only be able to survive, kill opponents, and emerge as winners. Don’t be too confident you can win immediately, because you will be faced with powerful opponents and the devil typhoon who is difficult to conquer.

How to play roulette royale on an android phone. If you are getting bored with playing ordinary roulette gambling that requires a live dealer, then there is no harm in trying to play roulette royale gambling.

This one roulette gambling game is a gambling game that is played using a computerized system in a fair or fair manner.

That makes you do not need to worry about feeling manipulation or cheating, especially the benefits that you can get are quite significant to the point that things like this make this type of roulette gambling game quite enjoyable to play.

However, the question is, is the technique of playing roulette royale on an Android phone the same as roulette in general?

To reply to this question, the following will be explained about the technique of playing roulette royale on an Android phone that needs to be known. Like online gambling games in general, before you can play it, you must first involve yourself to become a member of a trusted online gambling agent.

Joining a member in a trusted online gambling agent is indeed one of the necessary capital of a bettor.

Thus the bettor will not need to worry anymore about being exposed to fraudulent actions, and precisely bettor will feel not infrequently spoiled to be able to play various online casino gambling games available which are classified as roulette royale games.

Now, after you have been registered as a member of a trusted online casino gambling agent, it’s time to learn the technique of playing roulette royale on an Android phone, besides how to play that will be reviewed as follows will give you a greater chance of victory.

The first way that needs to be considered is to look for opportunities to win bets from outside the board, for example from the black or red columns, odd or even numeric columns, or columns consisting of 18 numbers in sequence. For those of you who are just one time assessing the betting placed on this roulette royale gambling game then you need a period that is not small.

Therefore, some lessons are needed to increase your expertise in the process of installing online roulette royale bets.

Please note that on the internet you can quite easily pursue a free roulette game that you can use as a medium to practice. Playing and practicing using the game can hone your skills without the need to worry about losing money.

How to play roulette royale on an Android phone that needs to be known further is that you must understand when the right times to stop and when the right times to continue the game. If if you have felt some times in a row in a row, then try to decide to stop for a moment so that the losses you experience do not increase much.

The word “lucky” is a disparaging remark for an Australian family.

A couple from Melbourne won $ 9.6 million after purchasing two popular “Set for Life” lottery tickets. Both tickets proved to win. To find out how lucky the family is, it is worth copying that the odds of winning once are over 38 million to one.

Tickets are purchased to celebrate wedding anniversaries and children’s birthdays. The initiator of purchasing the lottery ticket is his wife (the names of the couple are not disclosed). “We did not do little to celebrate our holiday, so I thought, why not make a ticket purchase as a general prize,” the woman said.

Lottery operates on the principle of “Sports Lottery” – it needs to be ignored 8 out of 37 rooms, if they all come together – find the grand prize. A married couple from Melbourne marks the anniversary date and another number.

This is the first time in the history of the Australian Lotto, in one drawing there are two main prizes, which fall into one hand. The lottery winner writes that his family is going away as soon as possible to leave their delusions in Port Douglas.

Lottoland announces the release of the Italian gaming market

The Italian gambling market has been re-filled with other international companies, just as Lottoland announced a partnership with the famous Giochi24 lottery company.

Giochi24 is one of the first companies to obtain the required permission from Dogane e dei Monopoli (Italian gambling regulator) to work in the country.

In addition, Lottoland has introduced a new website where Italian players will be able to purchase tickets and play the lottery (SuperEnalotto, and Lotto 10e).

“For us, Italy is a bright and fast-growing market, and we are delighted to announce a partnership with Giochi24,” says CEO Lottoland Nigel Birrell.

Thanks to the deal, Lottoland now has eight state gambling licenses in the UK, Gibraltar, Ireland and Australia.

However, there could be that the company could lose its Australian license, as Australia plans to introduce a number of changes into the gambling laws, and not to allow bets on foreign lotteries.

Recall that the Ministry of Budget, government savings and civil administration confirmed information that the French government intends to immediately privatize elements of the FDJ.

The winner of the record victory in the draw of Russia ₽ 506 million

Natalya Vlasova, a 63-year-old retired from Voronezh Region, won the biggest jackpot in the history of the lottery in Russia.

A lucky ticket was purchased from the local post office and a week lay on the shelf until the victory was found.

“The second time I double-checked the ticket on the site itself to dial the number and witness an incredible amount” Something amazing is happening “- .. flashed in my head Then a number of times we called and rechecked the information.” Tell the winning daughter, Catherine.

Natalia Petrovna and her daughter have not concluded how the technique to throw away the victory, because it is rather difficult to plan the greatest amount for a moment. Nevertheless, in an interview, women with self-confidence complained that some of the victories would be handed over to charity. Natalia Petrovna aspires all the lottery participants to trust their laurels.


Confess as a millennial generation? If so, you might feel euphoric if you commemorate the many kinds of business that used to be the most popular in your childhood.

Whether it’s starting from school events, TV shows, snack brands, even classic game titles.

Not only games on the console, nostalgia about classic games also applies even on arcade platforms or what you used to know as dingdong machines. The gaming platform that managed to suck up a little schoolchildren’s pocket money is probably an effective game playing platform thanks to better graphic support and the highest level of playing constraints. No wonder if anyone was tempted to return their coins again shortly after the slogan “please insert coin” rang.

Although the glory era has been displaced by the existence of PlayStation rentals, the dingdong still keeps a lot of good memories, especially for some game titles that were once so popular. Okay, without needing more length, here is a selection of the best arcade games from the 90s Tech in Asia Indonesia version. Happy nostalgia.

Street Fighter 2

Without the presence of Street Fighter 2, perhaps the fighting game genre would not be as big as what you see today. As an arcade game that was so popular in its time, Street Fighter 2 was arguably the pioneer that inspired the birth of various modern fighting game titles, where all players were treated to a variety of fighting characters, depth of play tactics, and challenging bonus stages.

The second iteration of Street Fighter managed to orbit Ryu who was so popular thanks to the characteristics of the white karate costume (and headband) he wore. Not many of my playmates imitated Ryu’s appearance by tying white cloth on their heads and stylized as if releasing Hadoken techniques from their hands.

Because at that time the distribution of the internet and game information media had not been as numerous as it is now, eventually there were not a few young people who mistakenly alluded to Ryu’s Hadoken attack with the name hambuget (or abuget). Ironically the name actually expanded widely to finally inspire the name of a very “radical” game community media in Indonesia with the name Abuget.


If you live in the same era as me or maybe older, then there is a possibility that you have known a game called Raiden. Like Street Fighter 2 which has an urgent role in the fighting game genre, the Seibu Kaihatsu shoot-up game can be said to have succeeded in popularizing the vertical scrolling shooter game that was previously launched by Namco (before Bandai Namco was known) through Xevious.

Raiden’s popularity itself was quite large and even reached the home console like SNES, Genesis SEGA, even the PC. I remember how my brother used to have the 5 1/4 inch diskette they used to play Raiden via the DOS command.

The good news is, you who want to nostalgia play Raiden can now enjoy all four iterations at once in one mobile game called Raiden Legacy. Although it is not equipped with the sensation of playing on a fat CRT tube screen like before, at least through Raiden Legacy we can play this game whenever and where it is also.

Final Fight

Guy, Cody, and Haggar, these three hero names are certainly familiar in your ears if you ever played a scrolling beat-up game called Final Fight. Capcom’s production game was originally done as a Street Fighter sequel before finally being demolished to become a successful action game candidate to get rid of Double Dragon from an arcade competition.

The success of Final Fight itself cannot be separated from the innovation of the beat-up game that has never been found in similar games in its time. Some innovations such as special attacks that will minimize a little portion of your life, power-up weapons, and health items are all important innovations that make this game so attractive that Double Dragon compares.

I myself still remember when my hero turned his life away by eating a piece of fried chicken that fell from a waste basket. If this method is practiced in the real world, it is clear that the opposite is actually the case. Don’t imitate friends.

Cadillacs and Dinosaurs

In addition to being known as Street Fighter 2, Capcom was also known to be diligent in releasing many action game titles scrolling beat-up like Captain Commando, Alien vs. Predators, Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow over Mystara, and many others. But from all the titles I mentioned earlier, nothing can beat the peculiarities of the Cadillacs and Dinosaurs theme

The action game adapted from a comic with the same title has a unique aspect of gameplay innovation that is so different, starting from the implementation of four-wheeled vehicles in a level (yes you can drive a car in this game), the existence of firearms such as rifle uzi, shotgun, bazooka and others, as well as multiplayer support for up to three players on one screen.

In addition to a number of advantages, the existence of dinosaurs in this game also became one of the peculiarities that created the Cadillacs and Dinosaurs so special in the eyes of all the players. Not just being a decoration of a level, the existence of this prehistoric creature has become a powerful “trap” to hurt anyone who dares to disturb them, including all players.

Mortal Kombat

In 1992 marked the emergence of a very controversial fighting game series that was once found in the history of the video game industry, Mortal Kombat. I still remember how this game first kidnapped my attention thanks to the brutal fatality scene and Raiden’s character which I used to innocently call pak tani.

In the heyday of Mortal Kombat first, watching a fatality scene was a special performance that was so special in each fight. Even so special, I used to even voluntarily lose willingly to witness the fatality attacks carried out by the enemy.

This was pretty ridiculous when it was implemented in the internet era like today, because just armed with the YouTube website, now we can see all fatality attacks from Mortal Kombat to the very new one.

Nowadays most card games are more famous and popular. Moreover, it can be accessed easily and the opponent can come from anywhere including other countries. This online game site is as exciting and severe as this game is very beneficial for you. What are you waiting for, please visit the web Daftar Judi Bola.

Roll your back, collect puzzle pieces and get up to $ 10,000 a day! For joining a campaign, open a window with shares in the PokerStars client, find Spinball and click “Start”.

Thousands of dollars to collect puzzles!

Participate in spin-and-go tournaments and get puzzle pieces consisting of 11 pieces. To collect the first five details from the picture, you will receive the “Half way” award – up to $ 5000! If at the end of the day you meet the remaining five fragments, the room will hand over a second cash prize – “Settlement” to $ 5000.

The size of the award is determined by chance, but in “Settlement”, the chance to fall from a large multiplier is higher than “Halfway”. The prize will be even greater if you pursue all 11 mosaic details! Civilization counters are reset to zero at 8 am Moscow times. At this time, the action opens a new day, we need to reassemble the pieces of the puzzle.

There are no extra requirements for gift acceptance and use. After collecting the exact number of puzzle details in our main site, money goes directly to the account. You can use it to make purchases, participate in cash games or create cache. Award coverage and Spinball tournament limits are determined by players for each player individually, depending on previous poker success. Information about the size of prizes and buy-ins being in the client room stock window.


In January 2018 the Bahamas will become a series of PokerStars Caribbean. To honor this event, athletes Usain Bolt and comedian Kevin Hart continued the #GameOn “meeting”. People conclude to check the level of calmness is the same as bathing in cold water.

Loyalty test

Under the rules of the new #GameOn call Usain and Kevin must climb into the deep baths, filled to the point of being loaded with cold water. Winner of the dispute: he who lasts longer in the bathroom. In this bet, Bolt and Hart want to test tilt stability – the most important quality in poker psychology. Judges of the people chose different members from the PokerStars Daniel Negreanu Pro Team and recorded what happened to the camera.

Kevin didn’t really like the prospect of being in cold water. For entertaining himself, comedians wore cute striped swimsuits, self-made dressing gowns and bath caps. The first one went up to the bathroom concluded Usain. Ice cubes and rubber toy ducks float on the water, but he doesn’t move the athlete’s attention from cold water and pound teeth.

Bolt takes place exactly 20 seconds, and then flies up from the bathtub and gladly gives way to Hart. The comedian was afraid of the reaction of seasoned athletes into the cold. So Kevin checked the water temperature with his big toe and hid back into a warm bathrobe. Victory goes to Usain.

At the end of the program, the “judge” himself climbed into the water, from which, with a shameless expression, said for the sake of slope stability and the need to remain calm even in extreme conditions.

Men in China are willing to live secluded from the outside world and live alone for about 10 years, living under the bridge of the streets of Chongqing, China.

He did it without reason. He believed, by being alone he would pursue revelations in the form of numbers which he would later make capital to play the lottery. Quoted from the page, the man has the name Wang Chengzhou (49).

He stated that if the formula in the middle he made it would be successful to win the lottery. For the sake of fulfilling the necessities of life, Wang works part-time in the post office as a cleaner. Prior to the post office, Wang had worked at a construction site located in Xian, Shaanxi Province, China. However, he quit the job because he felt a broken thigh bone. After recovering from injury, he returned to work at a different construction site in Yunnan province. Until finally working at the post office.

Before this news was spread on social media, the family did not know Wang’s existence. Until finally, the media team delivered the man’s existence. Knowing the location of Wang’s residence, the man’s mother immediately asked her child to return so that he could spend time until the upcoming Chinese New Year. However, he was reluctant and refused the suggestion of the mother. Wang insisted that he would come back after the formula was completed.

“I have to complete this lottery algorithm,” Wang said. Wang drained about 2,000 yuan, equivalent to Rp 4.1 million each month, just to install the lottery. If this formula is finished, he plans to capture it in a book. Responding to this matter, Mathematics Professor Zhou De from Sichuan University, China said: “It is almost impossible to guess the number of draws.”

Hospital Staff Wins $ 759 million Lottery

Only overnight can be a millionaire – this dream becomes real for a woman from Massachusetts. He pocketed the largest individual lottery prize in the history of the lottery in the United States. Just an hour before Wednesday (23/8) ended, Mavis Wanczyk fadly bought a “Poweball” lottery at a refueling station.

On Thursday, the 53-year-old woman became a lottery winner worth 759 million dollars equivalent to 10 trillion Rupiah. The numbers he wrote were also according to birthdays among family members, because for Wanczyk, winning the lottery once in a lifetime was just a dream.

Occasionally he had aspired to retire early and feel his life after decades of work at Mercy Medical Center Hospital.

No warning, he was fortunate and could live the dream. “Now I just want to sit quietly and relax. I have called the location where I work and write will not come again,” Wanczyk said, laughing while working on a press conference in Massachusetts.

Lottery officials recite Wanczyk choosing to get paid at the same time of 480 million Dollars or 340 million Dollars, after being taxed. This number is the biggest grand prize ever won by a single lottery in lottery history in the United States.

What the Odd, she bought the togel from fuel station different than usual where she bought it from one of the most trusted lottery shops around, the website that gives her the access to togel and bingo knowledge and how to play.

Although everyone knows that the platform specificity on the internet is offering free casino games, according to your information how many of you actually know the technique of playing?

For flash game enthusiasts for example, do we know that there are no casino downloads? If this is the case, try casinos with downloads to watch the differences and customize your playing technique. Have you ever tried to play in a mobile casino? Are we comfortable and do we have access to all casino games without bugs? Although everyone has a suggestion about what a casino game is, the online platform needs to innovate in order to offer new game modes and innovative variants.

Players friends, learn to adapt to new online casino games.

Today, online casinos process games regularly. And for a good postulate; they must adapt to civilization to remain the best. Our requirement is that online casino games can be played with the same technique as in land-based casinos. We also want to have the same circumstances, the same game, the same chip … The absence of this deep purity has been filled (or almost) by the Live Casino. But that’s when we started to move to Cellular Casino. More and more, we play mobile casinos and we are interested in compatible games on mobile phones. As a disgruntled person, you are not doing better. And we are right, because after all, we play our real or fictitious money to have fun. And we have the joy to vary them, pleasure.

Online casino games – free and unlimited

Free casino play has never been an option, not a bit of regret for all those big winners and who unfortunately succumbed to the temptation to replay their entire victory.

However, responsible gambling is growing thanks to the internet.

Indeed, it is becoming easier to adopt because the best platform when it offers us to play free casino games.

This is called Fun Play or Game in Demo Mode. You can check play like a demo, I mean for practice in online, you can search for the most trusted website in the internet.

In order to encourage responsible gambling, the majority of casinos offering may be to decide the bets / play periods directly from the player account.

In addition, they should all have a charter on this subject in their criteria and regulations.

Thus, big players who want to be immersed by the sense of risk can keep an eye on themselves.

Indeed, they now have all the tools they need to glorify their game of estimates (more often called bankrolls).


Different types of online casino games

Game Table (Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, Craps, Baccarat)
Draw Game (Bingo, Keno, Wheel of Fortune, Early Cards)
Slot Machine

There are not many types and variants of casino games, but for land-based casinos, games in larger numbers are slot machines.

Fortunately, because they are broken down into not a few categories.

Notice the rules of slot machines: they are the exact opposite of the type of machine. For example, bets on jackpot slots like Mega Moolah are typically higher than the classic Merkur or Novoline slots (Book of Ra games, Dolphin Dolphin’s, etc.).

Online casino game payouts

The big question is; can we match our chances to win in land-based casinos with online wins?

Opinions about the responses vary, because even if the law of opportunity affects our earning potential, online casinos offer bonus money that will serve us to play more, and longer.

In connection with a number of journalistic and economic studies of game opportunities in France, the rate of re-distribution is cheaper online. And that is a disturbing reality.

The ratio of casino payments is decided at the 85% limit. However, an accredited and certified casino confirms tariffs of over 90%.

And they have evidence to support it! Providers of popular casino games like for example NetEnt screens for each of their title levels are confirmed. For those who do not know the Wild Sultan casinos, we can even pursue the volatility index.

Be careful not to get caught: the level of game redistribution will never tell us how many little opportunities we have to make money. We must also take into account the volatility of the game.

Big variants of casino games

To join what we said before, we now have the opportunity to become familiar with the game before playing in real life because the free online slot machine is indeed an element of that offer!

That said, not all players are ‘slot machines’ and would prefer a good old game of blackjack, poker or roulette near the table.

Online casinos know this well by offering nice table and card games in their classic versions, but also a number of native or insufficient derivatives (baccarat, dice).

Roulette game variants become more, with European roulette, American roulette, but even a live or roulette roulette with a number of marbles.

Several versions of blackjack are the exact opposite of game rules.

In poker affairs, he also has a number of variants (Texas Hold’Em is a very common one).

Finally, not leaving one online casino that is not ready to slowly start introducing the sweepstakes game. This is actually a lottery game, with a game of understanding opportunities. It used to be the most popular public with the very opposite of today, bingo games, scratch games, Keno, etc. into fashion again.

To access the widest variety of casino games, we recommend the new Lucky31 casino or ExclusiveBet exclusive casino.

These are the two best online casinos in options and game variations
ExclusiveBet offers the widest game options (Video Poker, Live Betting, Virtual Place, more than 120 Game Tables, half of which are live games)
Lucky31 is one of the best live casinos. There is also a large selection of Live Betting and even Microgaming games. This supplier has also won this year’s Digital Product Award in Global Gaming 2016)

Tips: Avoid bluffing casino casual, though that is a good choice.

Check the table bounds and bonus rules in these two online casinos before switching to the real money game.

Fashionable casino games or game modes?

Ideally, we want to get some use from both.

The opinions of all online casino players are blended for a good postulate: we all have contrasting expectations and purposes for the game.

The online casino that offers the biggest game option is uncertain is one that the entire player is looking for.

Currently for example, we’re primarily digging compatible games across devices, which we can play without downloading.

So, not only there are not a few variants of casino games, but also not a bit of fashion.

This is why the whole exhibit of virtual casino games is useful.

Online casinos know this well and that’s why the recommended Casinos Game Menu, like the Wild Sultan or VegasCasino, makes it easy to pursue a name, fashion, or type of game.

While a number of new games create titles and hits, the majority are concerned with groups of video slots that do not fit everyone’s taste.

For online blackjack game enthusiasts for example, although a very popular variant is available to us (Blackjack Europe, Classic Blackjack), unfortunately not all game modes are available. Indeed, usually the blackjack table is a multi-handed game or live blackjack solely available in real money.

In addition, please be aware that the majority of casino games are compatible on mobile, but not all. However, we aspire to a problem-free mobile gaming experience. And really disappointing, when we realized that our favorite games are not compatible on our iPhone!

Take Mobile Poker for example. While playing in an online cellular casino is already a habit for most of us, a number of casino cell poker merely offer a number of mobile poker variants. Ditto for the Video Poker Deuces Wild variant – which is not available across devices.

Also an outbreak of casino games: this familiar bug that destroys all the playfulness. However, depending on which browser or version we use to play online, games can be ‘bugger’. This is common and creates us panicky with the proposal not to dilute our bets because the device is soft or casino bugs! To avoid it, find out about the game and ask for online chat support.

We’ll appreciate the fact that online casinos are the most compatible and flexible in the game.

For example 7Red is the winning Winning Cellular Operator. From the same collection; Black Casino – French specialty. This platform clearly tells us which games are on the phone. To learn more about the Noir Mobile Casino game, see Casino Overview here.
Try a free casino game before buying a real item, for example on the last favorite freeslots of all players
The right choice and the best casino games

Beginners in online casinos?

If we still do not know which casino game we like, why not try some free roulette? Simple rules and sound effects closest to reality, it plunges us directly into the casino universe without all the animations that are not so brutal and impressive that it can be deconcentrated.

Or why not pursue a slot machine game that is easily played like a classic slot from the well-known Play n’Go (Pearl Lagoon) device.

If we prefer quality graphics, we can only recommend NetEnt’s Dracula slot.

There is also the best Betsoft game – top 3D slot editor (HD graphics and sound guaranteed). Discover the many different kinds of Betsoft casino from our top compositions here.

However, creating the right choice of any casino game is about understanding what you are about to play. Some things come into play:

Our bankroll – can we really play with real money and above all, how much?
Do we have a tendency for games that require strategies and rules, like blackjack?
Are you a special interest in online casino game publishers? If yes, is the game from the supplier in France?

Having direct access to the game by tapping the name of their favorite casino game game from a French player is not enough.

Also need to pursue a casino game that is matched to their individual needs.

Online casino game security

Questions about suppliers, but not only. Casinos also need to be accredited by reliable jurisdictions and that they are transparent vis-à-vis the usage situation.

One of the most important rules that must be followed by an online casino is a guarantee to players that the game is fair.
Justice casino games:

Casino games that are subject to regular peace checks are not uncommon. Online casinos are therefore highly reliable.

For example, the entire casino that is part of our top 5 is a certified Technical System Test.

The TST group is the independent and most recognized certification body. It is part of Gaming Laboratories International and convinces its functioning

The protocol of tranquility used,
The level of game redistribution,
Generator Random Number (arbitrary and fair combinations and results)

The Best Supplier of Online Casino Games

For each online casino supplier its specialty.

Some of them prioritize themselves in virtual sports like betting, soccer or horse racing (this is the case for games like 1×2 and Ezugi) while the other is a real professional at direct game dealers (Evolution Gaming in particular, who won more than a few prizes for direct game).

However, the very popular provider of the online casino industry is the publisher of slot machine games. Just pronounce the best;

Unassailable microgaming – a pioneer of excellence in innovation,
Cream NetEnt cream, Sweden which merely released a successful slot
Yggdrasil a new top that cures the slot design of the thematic engine
Betsoft is inevitable on the best 3D video slot in the industry
NYX became the largest online gaming platform


Online casino game tips for all French gamers: Some game providers are no longer available to French citizens. To play games from a particular device, make sure we play from the correct IP address and before registering for the casino, a game search test by a provider like Casino Extra.

Our opinion about online casino games

New online casinos are born each day. However, not everything is as reliable as they say.

Technological advances are often present against Internet peace questions, and knowing online play techniques is very urgent at the moment.

Here, we offer Game Reviews by discussing one of the other things

their suppliers,
their level of redistribution,
their playback and
mobile compatibility.

The gambling world is being revolutionized by online casinos, and the rules of the game are constantly changing. Because this is the argument for a good player in the online casino game this time, it’s also important to test it.

All the best online casinos offer unlimited access to free games.

Since the launch of online bingo games, a number of platforms have become most important to lucky and lucky fans. To test them, we know which one is best and what kind of variant they are proposing.


More than any other casino game, online bingo is accessible to all forecasts and we like the friendly atmosphere that creates easy tournaments. Add to the matchable and innovative bonuses like the free grid on offer and the insane jackpot … And you find the adaptation to the casino can not be more successful.

Bingo Online Casino

And to write that it all opens in a loud bingo hall, where all the high study players cover their numbered cards with peanuts … to then pass them on to the marker.

Favorite parochial games and entertainment television stars, bingo has been running comfortably alongside its flagship online casino game. It’s become more popular than the original card, and even plays more than a classic slot machine like EGT or Novomatic.

Adaptation of bingo in the casino is really successful, especially for those who play in the live room. And for a good postulate, it’s a success where other draw games fail: it resuscitates the human thing, the friendliness between the players and the fair game is lost.

The Little More Bingo in the Casino? Gift cash money, not a gourmet basket. Not to mention all our gray gray collections nearby, with no one to make fun of.

Live Bingo or Bingo Video?

Playing bingo online is as easy as on the ground floor; We did purchase our bingo gate and we were looking forward to the numbered balls drawn. The goal is not infrequently the same: being the one winning winning combination. What will change is one and especially the bingo type. There are two main ones:

Bingo Video: Generally, this is a bingo game from a special soft pad like RCT Gaming, 1 × 2 Gaming or Pariplay Ltd. Among the best bingo video games, there is Pachinko that you can find in the STAKES casino.
Live Bingo: Most common in online casinos, and that creates original cards. The key to success: chat room, with different word bingo player broadcast space. As in the difficult room, we all together play together and the animators take care of the atmosphere. For the first time, we are pursuing the warmth of bingo past, because you can communicate while participating in the tournament. To pursue immediately at the only

Then depending on the selected bingo variant, it will fill the grid or just one line, in other words, create quine. Among the best variants of casino bingo, 75 bingo balls, 80 balls and 90 balls.

The ultimate game of opportunity and relaxation

The opinions of all online bingo players are far from mixed: we all love the opportunity to bet, big wins and the fact that there are winners from minute to minute.

Playing bingo is not uncommon times easy, but its version on the internet is even more:

The number of grids / cartons is easy to choose
Change the grid / carton directly by clicking on it
Create a direct number
Numbers checked automatically
Indication of instant victory
Game options in fictitious mode
Variations of bingo games that can be accessed

The simplicity of this game at a number of online casinos also knows how to be original and generous. Perfect example; the introduction of exclusive bingo bonuses. They are innovative at will, especially when they are inspired by events like tournaments and competitions. There is also a daily bonus that can be enjoyed in a number of online casinos, like OnlineBingo.

Also, it’s not just about feeling the bonus of online casino bingo. Usage conditions must be adjusted. Take for example Betting requirements before cashing in realizing the dividends of bingo bonuses: Some casino new money rewards are recorded real or bonus money but the contribution of bingo games is not uncommonly ignored.

Finally, we know that the majority of online casinos adopt a loyalty-oriented promotional model. The facts especially involve all players who are not uncommon betting, and especially on slot machine games, do not benefit all online bingo players. Therefore it is important to choose the best online casino to play bingo, and the only one who judges the other is the OnlineBingo casino.

Reviews Bingo Casino Online

The diversity of online bingo games

Bingo games are the most varied and they do it well because precisely, demand is stronger, more varied.

As a result, there are now varied bingo games that match the number of digits, the minimum number of latters received, the theme, the number of players, or even match the time when we play (bingo special happy hour or exclusive weekend for example).

Even now it is possible to win the jackpot bingo, where we play in individual bingo halls that offer many different kinds of mini-games. Only OnlineBingo offers this option for now, so on this platform you should try your luck. Who knows, you can be the next bingo jackpot winner online!

Depending on the selected bingo variant, a person must meet all the grids or just one line, in other words: to create quine.

In online casinos, the very popular bingo game is being played in the bingo hall directly

The 75 Ball Bingo
90 Bingo Ball

For events, bingo tournaments are also very popular because cash prize money is not related to the wagering requirements. This is the case for example in OnlineBingo casino.

Play Bingo on Mobile

This is really when HTML5 technology has been incorporated into online casinos that online bingo has been successful. Allowing users to access free-download games directly from the browser, this new technology brings high-speed and high-speed mobile casino players. As a result, casino game publishers began to develop bingo games, like Play’n Go with its Flying Pigs game (bingo video definitely, but good).

Bingo becomes a game that is easy to play, it becomes with online adaptation and entertainment phone compatibility is perfect for short parties. So, if you want to do some real money bingo game, choose a weighted phone | weighted | qualities like Stakes or Lucky8 and if you like more live bingo in the live broadcast room, is still among the most trusted bingo casinos.

Or, you can choose free bingo online by downloading free software on Android / iPhone.