What Is Poker And How To Easily Play It ?


If France Poker Tour always creates you fascinated, we will not be able to better appreciate the golden rule: ‘game money stays in the game rather than playing online poker casinos. In addition to the well-known land-based legal platform, you can test many poker games for free or watch the tricks and tricks of direct players, and this is an easy way to practice before you reach the real thing.

More accessible tournaments, unlimited free rotation, Poker Live table with 24/24 live dealers, popular variants with video poker, exclusive exclusive ‘game table’ promotions … In short, the Poker virtual rug is worth the play.

Little Intro to Poker

If we read a number of these lines, it is like a very serious poker player, all of which in connection with the game of cards appeal to you.

Are we a beginner or a confirmed player; playing online casino poker is a test that must be implemented because there are opportunities to play for free. It is even possible to watch live webcasts from land-based casinos (casino Lucky31 and Casino Extra only).

The uniqueness of poker, however, is the card game with the most variants. Two large groups of poker to start:

In essence, the most popular of all poker versions is exposed poker (Texas Hold’Em, Stud Poker), where the cards are visible.
However, beginners will learn poker more easily (Draw Poker) – the version where the card is facing down. The goal is simple, winning the opposite chip. And to get there, you must have the best poker hands. A poker card consists of 5 cards, the distribution is 7 cards and there is a betting round of your bet location.

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To or against online casino poker?

Thanks to online casinos, it is possible to create free poker games. Playing freely is right to avoid you leaving the hair, and it is especially possible to teach as often and as much as you want.

This is why a good online poker device option is as important as NetEnt. Indeed, by choosing a good publisher, we definitely feel that verified payments are trusted and are pursuing the best variant, like a Live Casino or an electronic machine: Video Poker.

Poker games from famous publishers like Playn’Go or Betsoft are primarily electronic variants, the only one in the demo mode (dummy game).


On the other hand a highly experienced, Live Casino Poker or Land Casino. On the French platform, they are called ‘poker rooms’ and register for any of them for free.

The different aspect of online poker that will not bother anyone: access to online poker tournaments is much easier. When we take some experience in poker, it allows you to move on to the next stage: facing other players, some of them.

Poker vs Video Poker

The real fight in the casino is the video version of the successful game. Video poker actually counts fewer followers in online casinos. This is an online version that is very often played, and here are some arguments coming from the largest number of online casino poker advisory users:

Poker Video allows managing the game budget more easily, because at a poker machine, the loss of money does not exceed credit. Free poker videos are also useful if you want to play a fun game
Not like a classic poker, Ace is not the strongest card in Video Poker
Access to live poker video games – no need to wait for enough players
Royal Flush is a more unique winning combination for video poker, because we can create small bets that can earn us big
The atmosphere is not enough stress on video poker machines
Possible Progressive Jackpots on a number of Video Poker games

As in the whole game of opportunity and money, players will always explore the poker variant that offers the greatest winning opportunity. That’s when video poker comes to mind:

Low profits from home,
Possibly a small bet for big wins,
Quick and anonymous access.

And then, the number of wins won by winners in virtual poker is interesting. Indeed, the level of urgent redistribution for this game, because the average is 97% – more than online slot machines.

Courses & Usage Video Poker

He entered the casino in the sixties; and today is one of the most popular formats of card games. Listed as a solo game, it’s a penchant like the others.

For players full of ability and strategy, Video Poker is a real challenge because this is a fight against the machine.

If we are new to Video Poker, make sure we have some game skills. Indeed, to start video poker there is no better introduction.

Playing on a slot machine: it’s good to play some coins for the cards to be given and we choose to bargain and bid higher or fold up to match the value of our hands.