How to win continuously at online casino games, learn to play well.

Although everyone knows that the platform specificity on the internet is offering free casino games, according to your information how many of you actually know the technique of playing?

For flash game enthusiasts for example, do we know that there are no casino downloads? If this is the case, try casinos with downloads to watch the differences and customize your playing technique. Have you ever tried to play in a mobile casino? Are we comfortable and do we have access to all casino games without bugs? Although everyone has a suggestion about what a casino game is, the online platform needs to innovate in order to offer new game modes and innovative variants.

Players friends, learn to adapt to new online casino games.

Today, online casinos process games regularly. And for a good postulate; they must adapt to civilization to remain the best. Our requirement is that online casino games can be played with the same technique as in land-based casinos. We also want to have the same circumstances, the same game, the same chip … The absence of this deep purity has been filled (or almost) by the Live Casino. But that’s when we started to move to Cellular Casino. More and more, we play mobile casinos and we are interested in compatible games on mobile phones. As a disgruntled person, you are not doing better. And we are right, because after all, we play our real or fictitious money to have fun. And we have the joy to vary them, pleasure.

Online casino games – free and unlimited

Free casino play has never been an option, not a bit of regret for all those big winners and who unfortunately succumbed to the temptation to replay their entire victory.

However, responsible gambling is growing thanks to the internet.

Indeed, it is becoming easier to adopt because the best platform when it offers us to play free casino games.

This is called Fun Play or Game in Demo Mode. You can check play like a demo, I mean for practice in online, you can search for the most trusted website in the internet.

In order to encourage responsible gambling, the majority of casinos offering may be to decide the bets / play periods directly from the player account.

In addition, they should all have a charter on this subject in their criteria and regulations.

Thus, big players who want to be immersed by the sense of risk can keep an eye on themselves.

Indeed, they now have all the tools they need to glorify their game of estimates (more often called bankrolls).


Different types of online casino games

Game Table (Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, Craps, Baccarat)
Draw Game (Bingo, Keno, Wheel of Fortune, Early Cards)
Slot Machine

There are not many types and variants of casino games, but for land-based casinos, games in larger numbers are slot machines.

Fortunately, because they are broken down into not a few categories.

Notice the rules of slot machines: they are the exact opposite of the type of machine. For example, bets on jackpot slots like Mega Moolah are typically higher than the classic Merkur or Novoline slots (Book of Ra games, Dolphin Dolphin’s, etc.).

Online casino game payouts

The big question is; can we match our chances to win in land-based casinos with online wins?

Opinions about the responses vary, because even if the law of opportunity affects our earning potential, online casinos offer bonus money that will serve us to play more, and longer.

In connection with a number of journalistic and economic studies of game opportunities in France, the rate of re-distribution is cheaper online. And that is a disturbing reality.

The ratio of casino payments is decided at the 85% limit. However, an accredited and certified casino confirms tariffs of over 90%.

And they have evidence to support it! Providers of popular casino games like for example NetEnt screens for each of their title levels are confirmed. For those who do not know the Wild Sultan casinos, we can even pursue the volatility index.

Be careful not to get caught: the level of game redistribution will never tell us how many little opportunities we have to make money. We must also take into account the volatility of the game.

Big variants of casino games

To join what we said before, we now have the opportunity to become familiar with the game before playing in real life because the free online slot machine is indeed an element of that offer!

That said, not all players are ‘slot machines’ and would prefer a good old game of blackjack, poker or roulette near the table.

Online casinos know this well by offering nice table and card games in their classic versions, but also a number of native or insufficient derivatives (baccarat, dice).

Roulette game variants become more, with European roulette, American roulette, but even a live or roulette roulette with a number of marbles.

Several versions of blackjack are the exact opposite of game rules.

In poker affairs, he also has a number of variants (Texas Hold’Em is a very common one).

Finally, not leaving one online casino that is not ready to slowly start introducing the sweepstakes game. This is actually a lottery game, with a game of understanding opportunities. It used to be the most popular public with the very opposite of today, bingo games, scratch games, Keno, etc. into fashion again.

To access the widest variety of casino games, we recommend the new Lucky31 casino or ExclusiveBet exclusive casino.

These are the two best online casinos in options and game variations
ExclusiveBet offers the widest game options (Video Poker, Live Betting, Virtual Place, more than 120 Game Tables, half of which are live games)
Lucky31 is one of the best live casinos. There is also a large selection of Live Betting and even Microgaming games. This supplier has also won this year’s Digital Product Award in Global Gaming 2016)

Tips: Avoid bluffing casino casual, though that is a good choice.

Check the table bounds and bonus rules in these two online casinos before switching to the real money game.

Fashionable casino games or game modes?

Ideally, we want to get some use from both.

The opinions of all online casino players are blended for a good postulate: we all have contrasting expectations and purposes for the game.

The online casino that offers the biggest game option is uncertain is one that the entire player is looking for.

Currently for example, we’re primarily digging compatible games across devices, which we can play without downloading.

So, not only there are not a few variants of casino games, but also not a bit of fashion.

This is why the whole exhibit of virtual casino games is useful.

Online casinos know this well and that’s why the recommended Casinos Game Menu, like the Wild Sultan or VegasCasino, makes it easy to pursue a name, fashion, or type of game.

While a number of new games create titles and hits, the majority are concerned with groups of video slots that do not fit everyone’s taste.

For online blackjack game enthusiasts for example, although a very popular variant is available to us (Blackjack Europe, Classic Blackjack), unfortunately not all game modes are available. Indeed, usually the blackjack table is a multi-handed game or live blackjack solely available in real money.

In addition, please be aware that the majority of casino games are compatible on mobile, but not all. However, we aspire to a problem-free mobile gaming experience. And really disappointing, when we realized that our favorite games are not compatible on our iPhone!

Take Mobile Poker for example. While playing in an online cellular casino is already a habit for most of us, a number of casino cell poker merely offer a number of mobile poker variants. Ditto for the Video Poker Deuces Wild variant – which is not available across devices.

Also an outbreak of casino games: this familiar bug that destroys all the playfulness. However, depending on which browser or version we use to play online, games can be ‘bugger’. This is common and creates us panicky with the proposal not to dilute our bets because the device is soft or casino bugs! To avoid it, find out about the game and ask for online chat support.

We’ll appreciate the fact that online casinos are the most compatible and flexible in the game.

For example 7Red is the winning Winning Cellular Operator. From the same collection; Black Casino – French specialty. This platform clearly tells us which games are on the phone. To learn more about the Noir Mobile Casino game, see Casino Overview here.
Try a free casino game before buying a real item, for example on the last favorite freeslots of all players
The right choice and the best casino games

Beginners in online casinos?

If we still do not know which casino game we like, why not try some free roulette? Simple rules and sound effects closest to reality, it plunges us directly into the casino universe without all the animations that are not so brutal and impressive that it can be deconcentrated.

Or why not pursue a slot machine game that is easily played like a classic slot from the well-known Play n’Go (Pearl Lagoon) device.

If we prefer quality graphics, we can only recommend NetEnt’s Dracula slot.

There is also the best Betsoft game – top 3D slot editor (HD graphics and sound guaranteed). Discover the many different kinds of Betsoft casino from our top compositions here.

However, creating the right choice of any casino game is about understanding what you are about to play. Some things come into play:

Our bankroll – can we really play with real money and above all, how much?
Do we have a tendency for games that require strategies and rules, like blackjack?
Are you a special interest in online casino game publishers? If yes, is the game from the supplier in France?

Having direct access to the game by tapping the name of their favorite casino game game from a French player is not enough.

Also need to pursue a casino game that is matched to their individual needs.

Online casino game security

Questions about suppliers, but not only. Casinos also need to be accredited by reliable jurisdictions and that they are transparent vis-à-vis the usage situation.

One of the most important rules that must be followed by an online casino is a guarantee to players that the game is fair.
Justice casino games:

Casino games that are subject to regular peace checks are not uncommon. Online casinos are therefore highly reliable.

For example, the entire casino that is part of our top 5 is a certified Technical System Test.

The TST group is the independent and most recognized certification body. It is part of Gaming Laboratories International and convinces its functioning

The protocol of tranquility used,
The level of game redistribution,
Generator Random Number (arbitrary and fair combinations and results)

The Best Supplier of Online Casino Games

For each online casino supplier its specialty.

Some of them prioritize themselves in virtual sports like betting, soccer or horse racing (this is the case for games like 1×2 and Ezugi) while the other is a real professional at direct game dealers (Evolution Gaming in particular, who won more than a few prizes for direct game).

However, the very popular provider of the online casino industry is the publisher of slot machine games. Just pronounce the best;

Unassailable microgaming – a pioneer of excellence in innovation,
Cream NetEnt cream, Sweden which merely released a successful slot
Yggdrasil a new top that cures the slot design of the thematic engine
Betsoft is inevitable on the best 3D video slot in the industry
NYX became the largest online gaming platform


Online casino game tips for all French gamers: Some game providers are no longer available to French citizens. To play games from a particular device, make sure we play from the correct IP address and before registering for the casino, a game search test by a provider like Casino Extra.

Our opinion about online casino games

New online casinos are born each day. However, not everything is as reliable as they say.

Technological advances are often present against Internet peace questions, and knowing online play techniques is very urgent at the moment.

Here, we offer Game Reviews by discussing one of the other things

their suppliers,
their level of redistribution,
their playback and
mobile compatibility.

The gambling world is being revolutionized by online casinos, and the rules of the game are constantly changing. Because this is the argument for a good player in the online casino game this time, it’s also important to test it.

All the best online casinos offer unlimited access to free games.