For The Sake of Winning the Lottery, Chinese Men Stay Under the Bridge

Men in China are willing to live secluded from the outside world and live alone for about 10 years, living under the bridge of the streets of Chongqing, China.

He did it without reason. He believed, by being alone he would pursue revelations in the form of numbers which he would later make capital to play the lottery. Quoted from the page, the man has the name Wang Chengzhou (49).

He stated that if the formula in the middle he made it would be successful to win the lottery. For the sake of fulfilling the necessities of life, Wang works part-time in the post office as a cleaner. Prior to the post office, Wang had worked at a construction site located in Xian, Shaanxi Province, China. However, he quit the job because he felt a broken thigh bone. After recovering from injury, he returned to work at a different construction site in Yunnan province. Until finally working at the post office.

Before this news was spread on social media, the family did not know Wang’s existence. Until finally, the media team delivered the man’s existence. Knowing the location of Wang’s residence, the man’s mother immediately asked her child to return so that he could spend time until the upcoming Chinese New Year. However, he was reluctant and refused the suggestion of the mother. Wang insisted that he would come back after the formula was completed.

“I have to complete this lottery algorithm,” Wang said. Wang drained about 2,000 yuan, equivalent to Rp 4.1 million each month, just to install the lottery. If this formula is finished, he plans to capture it in a book. Responding to this matter, Mathematics Professor Zhou De from Sichuan University, China said: “It is almost impossible to guess the number of draws.”

Hospital Staff Wins $ 759 million Lottery

Only overnight can be a millionaire – this dream becomes real for a woman from Massachusetts. He pocketed the largest individual lottery prize in the history of the lottery in the United States. Just an hour before Wednesday (23/8) ended, Mavis Wanczyk fadly bought a “Poweball” lottery at a refueling station.

On Thursday, the 53-year-old woman became a lottery winner worth 759 million dollars equivalent to 10 trillion Rupiah. The numbers he wrote were also according to birthdays among family members, because for Wanczyk, winning the lottery once in a lifetime was just a dream.

Occasionally he had aspired to retire early and feel his life after decades of work at Mercy Medical Center Hospital.

No warning, he was fortunate and could live the dream. “Now I just want to sit quietly and relax. I have called the location where I work and write will not come again,” Wanczyk said, laughing while working on a press conference in Massachusetts.

Lottery officials recite Wanczyk choosing to get paid at the same time of 480 million Dollars or 340 million Dollars, after being taxed. This number is the biggest grand prize ever won by a single lottery in lottery history in the United States.

What the Odd, she bought the togel from fuel station different than usual where she bought it from one of the most trusted lottery shops around, the website that gives her the access to togel and bingo knowledge and how to play.