Roll your back, collect puzzle pieces and get up to $ 10,000 a day! For joining a campaign, open a window with shares in the PokerStars client, find Spinball and click “Start”.

Thousands of dollars to collect puzzles!

Participate in spin-and-go tournaments and get puzzle pieces consisting of 11 pieces. To collect the first five details from the picture, you will receive the “Half way” award – up to $ 5000! If at the end of the day you meet the remaining five fragments, the room will hand over a second cash prize – “Settlement” to $ 5000.

The size of the award is determined by chance, but in “Settlement”, the chance to fall from a large multiplier is higher than “Halfway”. The prize will be even greater if you pursue all 11 mosaic details! Civilization counters are reset to zero at 8 am Moscow times. At this time, the action opens a new day, we need to reassemble the pieces of the puzzle.

There are no extra requirements for gift acceptance and use. After collecting the exact number of puzzle details in our main site, money goes directly to the account. You can use it to make purchases, participate in cash games or create cache. Award coverage and Spinball tournament limits are determined by players for each player individually, depending on previous poker success. Information about the size of prizes and buy-ins being in the client room stock window.


In January 2018 the Bahamas will become a series of PokerStars Caribbean. To honor this event, athletes Usain Bolt and comedian Kevin Hart continued the #GameOn “meeting”. People conclude to check the level of calmness is the same as bathing in cold water.

Loyalty test

Under the rules of the new #GameOn call Usain and Kevin must climb into the deep baths, filled to the point of being loaded with cold water. Winner of the dispute: he who lasts longer in the bathroom. In this bet, Bolt and Hart want to test tilt stability – the most important quality in poker psychology. Judges of the people chose different members from the PokerStars Daniel Negreanu Pro Team and recorded what happened to the camera.

Kevin didn’t really like the prospect of being in cold water. For entertaining himself, comedians wore cute striped swimsuits, self-made dressing gowns and bath caps. The first one went up to the bathroom concluded Usain. Ice cubes and rubber toy ducks float on the water, but he doesn’t move the athlete’s attention from cold water and pound teeth.

Bolt takes place exactly 20 seconds, and then flies up from the bathtub and gladly gives way to Hart. The comedian was afraid of the reaction of seasoned athletes into the cold. So Kevin checked the water temperature with his big toe and hid back into a warm bathrobe. Victory goes to Usain.

At the end of the program, the “judge” himself climbed into the water, from which, with a shameless expression, said for the sake of slope stability and the need to remain calm even in extreme conditions.