5 Best Dingdong (Arcade) Games from the 90s Tech in Indonesia Version

Confess as a millennial generation? If so, you might feel euphoric if you commemorate the many kinds of business that used to be the most popular in your childhood.

Whether it’s starting from school events, TV shows, snack brands, even classic game titles.

Not only games on the console, nostalgia about classic games also applies even on arcade platforms or what you used to know as dingdong machines. The gaming platform that managed to suck up a little schoolchildren’s pocket money is probably an effective game playing platform thanks to better graphic support and the highest level of playing constraints. No wonder if anyone was tempted to return their coins again shortly after the slogan “please insert coin” rang.

Although the glory era has been displaced by the existence of PlayStation rentals, the dingdong still keeps a lot of good memories, especially for some game titles that were once so popular. Okay, without needing more length, here is a selection of the best arcade games from the 90s Tech in Asia Indonesia version. Happy nostalgia.

Street Fighter 2

Without the presence of Street Fighter 2, perhaps the fighting game genre would not be as big as what you see today. As an arcade game that was so popular in its time, Street Fighter 2 was arguably the pioneer that inspired the birth of various modern fighting game titles, where all players were treated to a variety of fighting characters, depth of play tactics, and challenging bonus stages.

The second iteration of Street Fighter managed to orbit Ryu who was so popular thanks to the characteristics of the white karate costume (and headband) he wore. Not many of my playmates imitated Ryu’s appearance by tying white cloth on their heads and stylized as if releasing Hadoken techniques from their hands.

Because at that time the distribution of the internet and game information media had not been as numerous as it is now, eventually there were not a few young people who mistakenly alluded to Ryu’s Hadoken attack with the name hambuget (or abuget). Ironically the name actually expanded widely to finally inspire the name of a very “radical” game community media in Indonesia with the name Abuget.


If you live in the same era as me or maybe older, then there is a possibility that you have known a game called Raiden. Like Street Fighter 2 which has an urgent role in the fighting game genre, the Seibu Kaihatsu shoot-up game can be said to have succeeded in popularizing the vertical scrolling shooter game that was previously launched by Namco (before Bandai Namco was known) through Xevious.

Raiden’s popularity itself was quite large and even reached the home console like SNES, Genesis SEGA, even the PC. I remember how my brother used to have the 5 1/4 inch diskette they used to play Raiden via the DOS command.

The good news is, you who want to nostalgia play Raiden can now enjoy all four iterations at once in one mobile game called Raiden Legacy. Although it is not equipped with the sensation of playing on a fat CRT tube screen like before, at least through Raiden Legacy we can play this game whenever and where it is also.

Final Fight

Guy, Cody, and Haggar, these three hero names are certainly familiar in your ears if you ever played a scrolling beat-up game called Final Fight. Capcom’s production game was originally done as a Street Fighter sequel before finally being demolished to become a successful action game candidate to get rid of Double Dragon from an arcade competition.

The success of Final Fight itself cannot be separated from the innovation of the beat-up game that has never been found in similar games in its time. Some innovations such as special attacks that will minimize a little portion of your life, power-up weapons, and health items are all important innovations that make this game so attractive that Double Dragon compares.

I myself still remember when my hero turned his life away by eating a piece of fried chicken that fell from a waste basket. If this method is practiced in the real world, it is clear that the opposite is actually the case. Don’t imitate friends.

Cadillacs and Dinosaurs

In addition to being known as Street Fighter 2, Capcom was also known to be diligent in releasing many action game titles scrolling beat-up like Captain Commando, Alien vs. Predators, Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow over Mystara, and many others. But from all the titles I mentioned earlier, nothing can beat the peculiarities of the Cadillacs and Dinosaurs theme

The action game adapted from a comic with the same title has a unique aspect of gameplay innovation that is so different, starting from the implementation of four-wheeled vehicles in a level (yes you can drive a car in this game), the existence of firearms such as rifle uzi, shotgun, bazooka and others, as well as multiplayer support for up to three players on one screen.

In addition to a number of advantages, the existence of dinosaurs in this game also became one of the peculiarities that created the Cadillacs and Dinosaurs so special in the eyes of all the players. Not just being a decoration of a level, the existence of this prehistoric creature has become a powerful “trap” to hurt anyone who dares to disturb them, including all players.

Mortal Kombat

In 1992 marked the emergence of a very controversial fighting game series that was once found in the history of the video game industry, Mortal Kombat. I still remember how this game first kidnapped my attention thanks to the brutal fatality scene and Raiden’s character which I used to innocently call pak tani.

In the heyday of Mortal Kombat first, watching a fatality scene was a special performance that was so special in each fight. Even so special, I used to even voluntarily lose willingly to witness the fatality attacks carried out by the enemy.

This was pretty ridiculous when it was implemented in the internet era like today, because just armed with the YouTube website, now we can see all fatality attacks from Mortal Kombat to the very new one.

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