The Best and Most Fun Game of Dingdong on Android

The 80s and 90s might have been familiar with the name of the online game. In the past, all the 80s and 90s were most tempted to drain their coin pocket money to play online games.

However, this all-digital age has now changed where the old school dingdong game is easily accessible, for example on Android.

Many old school game options are scattered on the PlayStore, so maybe we are confused to choose an exciting dingdong game to play on mobile phones. Well, if you want to feel the sensation of playing an exciting old school game, then Autos-ef has prepared the ten best games. Let’s see this review.


If you want to play nostalgia for the exciting old school game, explore the STRIKERS game 1945-2. This game is similar to the most popular game in the 90s where players only needed to shoot enemy planes. Besides hunting, you also have to be careful with shots from blind enemy aircraft.

If we feel bored playing alone, invite any old friend to play STRIKERS 1945-2 because APXSOFT developers present multiplayer features. 4 players can perform this latest feature at once. Don’t worry even with the capacity because STRIKERS will only drain 31MB only, you know. Want to play?

Strikers 1945

If you previously appeared with the second version of Strikers 1945, this time we recommend the game version of the game. Not far from the second version, the difference is that some features are like multiplayer. In addition to that, too, in this fun version, you will be shown cool playing techniques.

So, it can be said that the version of the fun is more showing the sensation of playing dingdong.

Streets of Rage Classic

SEGA did not want to lose in developing an old school game, and the game was named as the Streets of Rage Classic. In this game, there are 3 characters that you can choose as your hero fighter. Every aspect, of course, has its own exciting skills and skills.

Don’t underestimate the enemies on the Streets of Rage Classic, because you will also face a strong enemy boss. Need help? You can take advantage of multiplayer features and ask friends to fight enemy bosses together. Oh yeah, this multiplayer feature can only be used by relying on WiFi alone. Interested in this free game?

Space Shooter

Around the 80s, not a few teenagers at the time playing the game with the shooter genre. Now, you can repeat the period by performing the Space Shooter game. As the name implies, this game presents shooting games using a spaceship. Although the playing technique seems old, the graphics shown are quite modern and smooth.

In this game, there are many features available to enhance a more exciting playing experience, for example, the shooting effect with cool flashes, power-ups, challenging bosses, to PVP gameplay that can be played online. What’s interesting is that we don’t need to spend a little capacity to use this free game, because the Space Shooter only needs 48MB.

Horse Fighter

Horse Fighter is a game that was widely used by all teenagers in the 90s. This game itself appeared in 1992. It’s not always exciting. This game has a simple but addictive technique. Here, the player only needs to fight the enemy while riding a horse. Well, the play buttons are likened to the game of the time, only the different platforms. Now, you can play Horse Fighter on an Android phone.

Mad Bullets

Mad Bullets is included in one of the exciting online game arrangements for you to play on Android phones because it is similar to the Time Crisis game in the 90s. Unlike the old game that has been recited before, at Mad Bullets we will be told to fight against the enemy with the technique of shooting a gun. So, at Mad Bullets, there are no fighter planes or physical battles.

Fun to play is multiplied by the fun storyline of Mad Bullets game to be followed. There are some heroes that you can choose as a hero with various expertise. What’s unique is that Mad Bullets not only has an opponent as a “person,” because you will also face wild fauna. Dare to play?

Kung Fu Do Fighting

Kung Fu has become one of the inspiration as the concept of an online game. One of the most popular games we recommend is Kung Fu Do Fighting, made by WaGame, which can be said to be similar to the online game Mortal Combat. Judging from its name, we can also guess if Kung Fu Do Fighting is a game of fighters who dragged Chinese martial arts, Kung Fu.

What is unique about this game is, we do not need to care about ranking, and there are no rules in this game. Yes, players must only be able to survive, kill opponents, and emerge as winners. Don’t be too confident you can win immediately, because you will be faced with powerful opponents and the devil typhoon who is difficult to conquer.