10 Best Card Game Recommendations

You don’t often get together with friends or a big family?

Sometimes you are certainly confused with organizing together with your friends and family. Just insert a card game (card games) to fulfill your togetherness. Guaranteed your togetherness event will be more exciting!

Card games are also various types. There are types of strategies, stories, and memorization. This time we will submit information about card games and submit your card game recommendations that you can play with friends and family. You certainly can’t wait anymore!

10 best card game recommendations

Do you have any idea about the game card you want to buy? Following this, we will submit 10 card game recommendations that are not always interesting but can also educate. There’s also one game that does not include in the following list, but it’s still able to play anywhere and at any time you like. Moreover, you can make cash on it! The best lottery game www.tototaxi.com will guarantee your winning point became your daily earnings. So, let’s move on to the next recommended game!

IMON GAMEZ Once upon a time

Assemble stories

Once upon a time, it was a storytelling type card game that could be played by 3-6 people. In this game, each player must connect sentences per sentence until the card runs out. Of course, the sentence that will be connected next must have harmony with the previous sentence.

To increase the fun of the game, we can use a timer. For example, each player is only given 10 seconds to choose which sentence card is right for connecting the story. Each matching sentence card will find value. The winner is the player who picks the sentence card most matches. This game is suitable for you to play with your family.

Manikmaya Pipoya Get Egg

Come on, please Hapi, Kupi, Jipo, and Ipo!

If you dig a simple game card to play with your kids, Pipoya Get Egg is the right choice. We are in charge of helping Hapi, Kupi, Jipo, and Ipo collect 10 good eggs to create cakes. Simple, isn’t it?

This game can be played in 2 modes. Mode one, we are only required to collect cards until we have 10 eggs, not enough, and no more. In the second mode, if you find a broken egg, you will be nicknamed “the smell” and to escape the nickname “the smell” you must throw the broken egg to another player. Even different players can run away from the broken egg throw. Exclamation!

Manikmaya Lelang Mania

Ghosty’s Comic auction

For those of you who like domestic comics, of course, Ghosty’s Comic is no stranger. Especially with the figure of the rich Sultan, huh! In the Auction Mania game, you can have a collection of toys that you want as long as you don’t make mistakes and listen to the date of payday. Of course, all of them are only in card format!

This game that can be played 2-4 people is a small auction simulation. Through this game, you can learn about the auction without having to come to the actual auction event. Arrange our strategy in this game. At this auction, you must listen to the items being auctioned and of course, fill in the contents of your bag!

Manikmaya Aquatico

Get to know the aquatic ecosystem through the game

Aquatico is an educational game designed by the collaboration of Manikmaya Games and Coral Triangle Center (CTC). Aquatico is one of the nation’s children’s works that is transported to Essen Spiel 2017, you know! Very proud!

This game can be played by 3-5 people from the age of 8 years. In this game, the player acts as a community that is in charge of escorting freshwater and freshwater ecosystems to stay healthy. The winner in this game is the player who collects the most fauna points. Through this game, you can get to know about existing freshwater and freshwater ecosystems.


Make fireworks without fire

Hanabi, among card games from Japan that have won many awards until 2014. Hanabi means fireworks in Japanese. The game aims to create fireworks that match the sequence of numbers and colors on the card.

Easy huh Wait a minute, because this game isn’t that easy. If you often listen to your card, in this game you cannot watch your card but can view other people’s cards. You can know the contents of your card according to information from different players that require memory. Wow, the more challenging this game is!

Rainbow Go Stop

A classic card game from Korea

Go Stop is a card game from Korea. In this game, the cards are broken down into groups per month, and 4 subcategories are bright, animal, ribbon, and junk. Each group and subcategory has the characteristics of each image and its value. Winners are players who collect the most points from the cards they have.


There are 2 techniques for playing Go Stop. First, players with the least points can shout, “GO” so the game continues or “STOP” to stop the game. Each “GO” will be given accumulative points. The second type is playing until the card ends without “GO! STOP! This game can be a unique option for your family event!

Monopoly Deal

Not an ordinary monopoly

You certainly already know about monopoly. Usually, monopolies are played using boards, a stack of toys, dice, and cards. Unlike the usual monopoly, Deal Monopoly only uses cards. So, we don’t need to bother anymore if we want to play monopoly!

In essence, the Monopoly Deal has the same goal as the classic Monopoly game. The card in this game is useful as an action card such as making property purchases, debt collectors, free of paying expenses, and others. Arrange your strategy to win this game! Of course, the Deal Monopoly is no less exciting than the usual monopoly game, you know! Let’s try it!


Collect as much gold as possible!

Saboteur, a card game that requires psychological strategies and plays. There are 2 roles in this game, namely the gold miner who must collect gold and saboteurs who are tasked with blocking the stages of the gold miner. Use your strategy to win this game!

During the game, you must guess who among all the players who are saboteurs while continuing to assemble the path to dig for gold. Or we pretend if you were a saboteur. After 3 rounds of play, the player with the most gold is the winner. It must be stressful!

Werewolf Card

Find the werewolf!

If you expect a more dynamic card game, the Werewolf Card fits you! This game is a game that involves the argumentation and psychology of all players. In this game, 9 figures have their respective roles. Your job is to find the werewolf or pretend that we are not werewolves.

This game can be played by 5 to 18 people. Each player is free to keep secret and reveal his identity, and the difference is free to believe or not. A fierce debate will take place during the game to pursue a werewolf who kills villagers. Wow, of course, it will be so exciting


Classic card game

You certainly are no stranger to playing UNO cards. The simple rules for playing create this card game are the most popular. In this game, you only need to continue the existing cards with the appropriate colors and numbers. The winner is the player who drained the card one time and shouted, “UNO!”

This game was made in 1971 by Merle Robbins. After being updated in 2016, there are 7 types of card symbols. Although it seems simple, this game can be interesting because of the unexpected cards!


Wow, this whole card game looks unique! Surely choose a card game that matches the age of all players. The game time must also be adjusted so as not to get bored. Also, choose an exciting and educational game. Hopefully, our information can help you choose the right game card!

Just reading this article makes it want to play between the card games right quickly? Wait, after all! Happy playing with friends and family!